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The company SIA "Skrīveru saldumi" was founded at the beginning of 2006 in Skrīveri.

The founding idea came to Iveta and Normunds Audzišis, who took over the candy production traditions from their parents in 1999 in Lizum. The tradition of Gotiņa sweets in Lizum started in 1959.


and Lizums

Skrīveri and Lizums are places that were among the first in Latvia to start the production of Gotiņa and currently produce the traditional candies "Skrīveru Gotiņa".

In the very beginnings, the real recipe for the Gotiņa candy was boiled from fresh milk, sugar, glucose or starch syrup, butter and vanillin.

Even now, traditional candies "Skrīveru Gotiņa" are cooked according to this recipe in the company "Skrīveru saldumi".



Then, when the idea of expanding production in Skriveris started, at that time many professional and long-term Gotini production specialists were unemployed in Skriveris: both production managers, winders, and cooks. Since this profession is specific and the real Gotini recipe is possible only in a combination of the right ingredients, such professional people are the main value of the company!

Upon hearing this painful fact that these professional people have lost their jobs, the owners of SIA "Dimdiņi" (Iveta and Normunds Audziši), who already had a Gotiņi production facility in Lizum, decided to expand Gotiņi production and create a production facility in Skrīveri, hiring these professional people and not losing the famous The tradition and professionalism of Gotiņa production.

In 2006, another production facility was established, in the center of Skrīveru, Daugavas iela 82, by renovating the former dairy and cheese factory buildings. In 2006, the brand "Skrīveru Gotiņa" was created.

In this way, Skriveri, as a place, preserved the production traditions of Gotiņa, and people could continue the work that they had been doing and knew best for years.


We are proud

At the given moment, Skrīveri is a place that can be proud not only of the production of candies "Skrīveru Gotiņa", which was not lost, but also with the company "Skrīveru saldumi" constantly developing and producing various sweets of high quality and a wide assortment of chocolate, dried fruits, nuts , seeds, candies and other valuable delicacies.

The company's motto is - Combine healthy with sweet. 

New products are introduced every year that please and surprise customers with high quality and special newly created, innovative ideas and flavors! Most of the sweets are handmade, which enhances the uniqueness of the products and does what machines cannot do.

Since 2008, the company "Skrīveru saldumi" has been operating a sweets workshop, "Emotions Factory", which welcomes tourists and schoolchildren, telling about the history of the creation of Gotiņš candies both in Latvia and in Skrīveri.

Visitors to the workshop have the opportunity to try to wrap their own Gotiņa candies exactly as the wrappers do on a daily basis, during the work process, as well as make marzipan figurines, learn about and taste the novelties.

Currently, the company "Skrīveru saldumi" provides jobs for about 110 employees.

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