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Berries and chocolate-covered nuts

Prices exclude VAT

6 sirsninu kastite.png

Pill box


Code: 2013

20 pcs:6.60 €/gb

50gb:6.03 €/gb

100gb: 5.06 €/gb


• Almonds - strawberries

in white chocolate, 55g

Pill box


Code: 2016

20 pcs:5.89 €/gb

50gb:4.86 €/gb

100gb: 4.52 €/gb


• Almonds - strawberries

in white chocolate, 120g


Dražeju kastīte


Kods: 303

20gb: 6,40 €/gb

50gb: 5,57 €/gb

100gb: 4,20 €/gb


• Šokolādes dražejas šokokraukšķi, 100g


A packet of sweets

with lining


Code: 2014

20 pcs:4.91 €/gb

50gb:4.21 €/gb

100gb: 3.75 €/gb

• "Skrīveru Gotiņa" classic, 200g

A packet of sweets

with lining


Code: 2015

20 pcs:5.71 €/gb

50gb:4.78 €/gb

100gb: 4.20 €/gb

• Strawberries - cranberries

in white chocolate, 80g

• Cranberries in white chocolate, 50g

pukes kastite1.png

Flower box


Code: 2017

20 pcs:5.12 €/gb

50gb:4.70 €/gb

100gb: 4.47 €/gb


• Hazelnuts in milk chocolate, 130g

pacina ar uzliku aplokamo.png
trapeces kaste.png

A trapezoidal box


Code: 2018

20 pcs:9.46 €/gb

50gb:7.54 €/gb

100gb: 6.40 €/gb


• Assorted mix, 200g

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