Sezonālās noslodzes dēļ, Skrīveru Gotiņa ar personalizētu dizainu, pasūtījumus pieņemam ar

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Milk candies "Skrīveru Gotiņa”

The milk candy "Skrīveru Gotiņa" is a classic choice. Customised candies can be prepared at extremely short notice, if necessary. The freshest and most delicious candies are delivered to the customer with customised labels, which can be created and discussed with the client. Candies can be produced for an absolute minimum quantity of 1 kg; however, the recommended minimum is 5 kg.

Candy size: classic size and large candy "Lielgotiņa"

Quantity of candies in kg: classic size - approximately 65 candies per kg, large candy

"Lielgotiņa” 10-11 candies per kg Production time from 1 to 2 weeks after approval of

the layout; Express order in 48 h + 50 % added to the standard price per kg;

Creation of the label layout € 5 Prices are indicated in EUR per kg excluding VAT.


Milk candy "Skrīveru Gotiņa", classic size

Soft Fudge

"Skrīveru Gotiņa"

white background


Code: 5001

5-9kg: 7,37 €/kg

10-19kg: 7,03 €/kg

20-99kg: 6,87 €/kg

Soft Fudge

"Skrīveru Gotiņa"

colored background


Code: 5002

5-9kg: 7,70 €/kg

10-19kg: 7,37 €/kg

20-99kg: 7,12 €/kg


Oversized soft fudge

"Skrīveru Gotiņa"

Code: 5003

min. amount 50gb: 1,72 €/gb


We offer customised designs for orders of at least 1 kg

Price for 1 kg: € 23.50 per kilo

Price for 2 kg: € 15.30 per kilo

Price for 3 kg: € 11.77 per kilo

Price for 4 kg: € 9.75 per kilo


Top-quality Belgian chocolate

We can customise top-quality marzipan in dark or white chocolate with strawberry flavour in two ways — by packaging it in a transparent flowpack with a customised sticker, or in full-colour imprint packaging. The minimum quantity for full-colour packaging is 200 kg; however, it is possible to collect it according to the customer’s needs — with respect to time and quantity. The minimum order for transparent packaging is 1 kg. The minimum order for "Butter Toffee" toffee candies in a custom-designed wrapper is 30 kg.

Prices in EUR per kg exclude VAT. ​


Heart shaped marzipan

In white chocolate with strawberry flavor , 



Code: 5005

price from: 24,84 €/kg


Round shaped marzipan

In white chocolate with strawberry flavor,



Code: 5006

price from: 23,79 €/kg


Heart shaped marzipan

In dark chocolate, 10g


Code: 5007

price from: 23,27 €/kg


Round shaped marzipan

In dark chocolate, 15g


Code: 5008

price from: 20,55 €/kg


Marzipan in chocolate

Printed flow pack


Code: 5009

• Individual design

• Minimum order amount 200kg

• Possibility to take out in parts

price from: 22,64 €/kg

gotinu pacina.png

 Ideas for designs 

Package with personalizes soft fudge



Code: 5010

20pcs: 2,81 €/kg

40pcs: 2,38 €/kg

100pcs: 2,15 €/kg


Package with sweets

with a personalized design


Code: 5011

• "Skrīveru " soft fudge classic, 200g

20pcs: 4,91 €/kg

40pcs: 4,21 €/kg

100pcs: 3,75 €/kg

gotinu pacina1.png

Package with personalized soft fudge

Personalized design

Code: 5012

20pcs: 5,71 €/kg

40pcs: 4,78 €/kg

100cs: 4,20 €/kg


A box



Code: 5013

20pcs: 6,46 €/kg

40pcs: 5,11 €/kg

100pcs: 4,99 €/kg